Friday, 11 January 2008


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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Lemon Raspberry Muffins

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I remember friends from primary school who often had a 'favourites' page in their little coloured notebooks. These pages were scribbled with names of singers, actors and famous stars; not to mention favourite movies, songs, food and colours. These were always a great way to start a conversation when we kids, when things were so simple and no one really got bored of ya even if you rattled about the difference between raspberry red and strawberry red.
yes to me, there definitely is a difference.

strawberry red is a bright, vibrant almost glossy red. Given, raspberries come in different colours depending on the season. You've got black, white, pink, yellow etc. The stranger colours like purple are all due to hybrid seeds. Boysenberries and loganberries are all hybrids of raspberries. Nevertheless, you'll agree that raspberry red is a thick, mature, matte-looking deep red. It's almost fuschia-like for some. And I find that colour strangely powerful and comforting at the same time. It is the colour not of tartiness, not too much youthful like strawberries. But one of confidence, wealth, intelligence and elegance. Red is the colour of woman.
It's sexy, it's versatile and's plain hot and yummy.
I suppose that is why the raspberry for me wins any other fruit hands down - always.
I simply have a love affair with raspberries.

Other than looking good and tasting exeptionally good, raspberries are rich in Vit C and dietary fibre. They are also near topping the rank in anti-oxidants Doesn't quite look like it huh in such a tiny thing.
It's always good to get fresh fruit. There's nothing more refreshing then getting to take morning pick pint/punnet of fresh raspberries and eating them straightaway. They're tiny little blasts of goodness. Bombs of taste!
However, when these are not in season or too expensive, frozen raspberries aren't too bad a choice either. They tend to have less firmness and squish or bleed easily - perfect for muffins.
Lemon is a very versatile flavour and can be added to sweet or savoury dishes. And they're always easily available in your local supermarket, corner shop, back of your fridge, maybe even your newspaper stand! Whatever it is, it's always good to have lemons lying about.
Though I don't have this recipe with me anymore 'cause I kinda just whipped it up without thinking about the baking equation, I'll just say this was very moist and best eaten hot as the raspberries are still so wet and juicy within.

Unfortunately this will be the last post for summer berries since I now have to face the fact for real that I'm well into my winter term. Stay tuned...I'll try and put some yummy posts up soon.
Also, look forward to Chinese New Year. I'll be attempting to take on Chinese cuisine...may the force be with me.

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