Friday, 23 December 2005

Hello Christmas!

Potluck dinner tonight and my contribution was a Lemon,Yoghurt & Blueberry Cake. Got this recipe from Comfort Zone, a low fat recipe adapted from one of Alice Medriech's recipes. Thought the cake turned out fabulous! Tasted fantastic but mine turned out a little too moist because i was way too generous with the blueberries. (Used nearly 2 punnets instead of 1) So the cake was so fragile I had quite a bit difficulty removing it from the springform pan base. Despite the little amount (5tbs) of butter used, this cake didn't stick at all and i didn't even bother with greasing the pan. Amazing. The lemon glaze of the recipe was so simple and tasty too. Lemon juice with powdered sugar. It went fantastically well with the cake. I used 5 1/2 tbs of powdered sugar. Worked just perfectly.

And I used a slice of leftover lemon and some blueberries to garnish the top of the cake so it wouldn't look too empty. 2 sprigs of mint from my garden too.

Well I'm so terribly satisfied with this cake I can't wait to make it again when there's the occasion and best of all it uses yoghurt and tastes so much like a cheesecake of sorts! (low fat style :D)

And even better news to end the night, my aunt started asking about the price for a cake this size. Goodness! Interest in one of DIVANA's customised whole cakes! I'm excited. And am so glad I'm finally free of studying to enjoy baking and trying out recipes and thoroughly building up that mutual love affair with my oven.

I know my dad too is loving it. Fat paunch he has! Well so after the cake was done moved on to the roast chickens. This is one of my favourite chicken recipes. Pot-roasted Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce. It's from Jamie Oliver's 'Happy Days with the Naked Chef'. and it's a wonderful recipe, using the wondrous taste of fresh pineapple, peppers, fennel seeds and balsamic vinegar.
It has a twangy sweet spicy (from the chillis. used chilli padi instead of normal chilli. asian flavour) that's very unique and chicken meat has never tasted better. If the recipe is wanted, just email me or leave a comment asking for it!

So the dinner went pretty well. There was just too much food. But what really caught my attention was the chocolates table! My aunt bought some chocolates from Italy. Apparently you can find these in Cold Storage supermarket stores as well. The CREMINO ones are hazelnut chocolates and the other ones she had were large chocolate balls with nuts or crunchy bits in it. Soooo yummy. I'm in heaven. Christmas is heaven! Christmas is gorgeous. Christmas has made my tummy 10 times larger than it already is! God bless us.


Niki said...

My mum also said that it reminded her of a cheesecake too, and I know what she means. It has that really moist, dairy-rich texture but without that mouth clogging stodge you get from real cheesecakes. I loved this recipe too and am definitely going to make it again!

diva. said...

I loved it too! My aunts especially. :) But was yours pretty fragile? I really had trouble removing it from the pan.