Monday, 30 January 2006

CNY Discovery

I'm not a big fan of peanuts,groundnuts or whatever you call them but the strange thing bout these little nuts are that once you start poppin them, you can't really stop. Especially if it's with beer (not tt i drink beer) or a good movie. Anyway, my dad loves these little things so he just had to plant them. He insists the roots give off some kind of i dunno, i'm not really good at all the gardening terms, but that it's great for his sunflowers cause it adds on to the nutrients in the soil. I found them so terribly cute after he plucked out a bunch from the soil I just had to put pictures of it up here.

It's Chinese New Year so ring that up to an IQ increase i hope. Ha. CNY is pretty much pineapple tarts, kueh bangket cookies, almond and peanut cookies for me. I guess it isn't all that healthy but if you rationalise it, when in the year do you get the chance to gorge yourself on such delicacies? Just about never? So it means it's also perfectly fine to stuff your face ONCE a year on these fat bombs. I really wanted to make almond and peanut cookies this year and I'm really full of regret that I didn't. I guess working 4 full days (14hrs a day) really drained me of energy and I woke up to a lazy Saturday with a lack of motivation to even step into the kitchen. And what's worse, all the cookies i had made were all gone so there really wasn't anything fun or homemade to offer anyone who came by to visit. My gramma was really looking forward to CNY cookies this year...i'll hafta owe her next year.

Aside from all the red packets and yumilicious goodies, my good ol' dog Fifi had her own CNY treat. Strawberry bone. I've never really realised that there were such things at the pet store. We usually get her the mint bones, thinking that those were good enough and hmm..yummy enough? This time round, she thoroughly enjoyed her strawberry bone and was so engrossed with eatin it that she didn't even mind the afternoon sun beating down her back.
Sometimes i wish i were a dog...enjoying the simple pleasures of life!
Alritey. It's time to go prepare for tonight's steamboat.

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