Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Rummy afternoon

What's an afternoon without ice cream?
I made this last night, served it after the red bean soup for dinner al fresca. But this morning, my sister was gonna just open the tub of Haagen Dazs Rum & Raisin and scoop her heart out so I thought why not serve it nicely in the wineglass again just like last night and top it all off with freshly made chocolate fudge too?

I think my biggest weakness in terms of ice cream is always rum & raisin. I am possibly the biggest fan of dark chocolate ice cream, kahlua ice cream or whatever is out in the stores but rum & raisin seems to be the ultimate killer. And I remember a friend saying that chocolate just about goes with anything. SO why not rum? And grapes and raisin? I guess it should!
So this was basically served with green seedless grapes rolled in caramel sauce and a chocolate macadamia truffle that was given to me by a friend. On the whole, I enjoyed throwing them into the wine glass. One thing bout this method of serving is that the wine glass gathers everything together nicely so you don't have to reach in and mix it about the get the prettiest angle. So it only requires you to simply scoop the ice cream, toss, drip fudge, grapes, toss. And voila! Easy peasy.
The afternoon was also used to fill out one of DIVANA's customised cake orders. Golly, it sure was rushed. At least for me since i had initially intended to laze out all my 4 days of holidaying. After 4 days of intensive work..honestly, is it asking too much? Ha. Well, it sure was fun doing this cake. This cake recipe has appeared somewhere in my archives, so technically, this would be a True Blue Chocolate Cake II. The dark choc sauce was fantabulous. Hope the birthday girl loves it.

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