Friday, 17 March 2006

GOBI.disturbingly delightful desserts.

All the hype's up about the new dessert place in town.

And knowing that it's good to keep abreast with times, and in this case, up to date with the foodie world, we had to give GOBI a try. One thing that i really liked was the presentation and the image of this new chocolatier in town. Packed in a glossy plastic bag (which itself is a fashion statement) with the pink GOBI print, to be seen carrying this would be as glamorous as being seen nibbling on a GODIVA's chocolate or holding a box of PRESTAT goodies even though GOBI is located in the ooey gooey heart of Katong Mall.

Firstly, I really enjoyed the arabianish dreamy feel of the name GOBI. It sounds awfully exotic and lusciously sexy. The pink wings of it's brand label also give off an innocently young and girlish image, bringing you back to those days of daydreaming, fairy tales and prettiness in simple things. What's better, upon opening the box, one isn't just astounded with the little sweet secrets within but the intricate pink pictures inside. There's even an arty poem printed on the insides of the box. Something for you to ponder about while you enjoy the extravagant candies melting on your tongue. The little chocolate devil you see above is called the Dark Angel and the name suits it perfectly. It's richness lies in its dark chocolate and the bitterness is so silken on your tongue. What makes every bite very interesting is also the fact that its texture is a bit like a cake, a caramel fudge and a chocolate square all at the same time. Quite amazing.

Everything else was all really pretty but I felt the Dark Angel was the most satifying. The rest were little carefully and lovingly put together dessert pieces formed by meringue cookies, strawberries, lavender cookies, tart pieces and cheesy cream. Nothing that really shocked me because they were still pretty safe pieces. Desserts that we can easily identify to but can lose its shine after a while. It breaks my heart to say this but GODIVA & Bakerzin would still be my regular hangouts in terms of extravagance well spent and enjoyed. GOBI's great. Wonderful in fact, but it may find itself pretty far behind from the big bad well-established brands out there. Don't mind what I say though. Try it out for yourself! Think these will do great as gifts because they're so pretty, you'll find it a toughie to stop looking at em. :D

p.s it's got a witty alliteration there don't you think?


Anonymous said...

ooohhh decadence....yummy! i really like macaroons(: You should post address too dav!! HUGS. Psst...haven't tried Bakerzin's warm choc cake, my sis says its okay only. HOW!

diva. said...

I've tried warm choc cake from Greenwood. Their's very pretty. Bakerzin is really good if you like something sweeter and you require less fuss in terms of presentation. Still on the look out for good places. :D If you wan a recipe, i've got a nigella's one for that. HEH! Address for GOBI is Katong Mall, 3rd floor (can't rem the unit no. so i'll post it up later!)