Sunday, 26 March 2006

I know this would seem like a pretty strange entry that has oddly popped out of nowhere but I must say something about the decor of the place i work at. As an art student, I studied different painting styles and art movements such as cubism, expressionism, surrealism and sorts. In the 1960s, a new movement emerged and it was labelled minimalism which was essentially a style that stripped down its work into the bare essentials, in other words it got straight to the point and to its elemental essence. It's a type of abstract art and this minimalist style got implemented into paintings, print, installations and event architecture and furnishing designs. Really brilliant but of course this style isn't appreciated by all. I would prefer to classify minimalism as not just a style but more a taste because one has to like it or to see something in it to understand or appreciate it. Such as the paintings of minimalist Frank Stella, i think my dad would have said my paintings could have done so much better than Frank's cause I put in so much detail and colour (i was a surrealism fan..thought i should even go get a mustache like Dali's :D) but styles and tastes can clash and therefore cannot be compared to each other.

Whatever it is, I do love the minimalist feel of the place i work at now. It doesn't just feel so simple, elegant and humbly appreciative of its own existence, but HA, it's so much easier to clean up.

Ok then. enough talk bout all this frou frou stuff. I'm outta here to plan some major partying, eating, shopping and drinking. :D

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