Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Cream Tea Weekend

Awww... the long awaited post and a late one at that. Have been too lazy to get around to posting but here it is.
The weekend was spent with my beloved flatmates getting all excited about our little tea party and sunday! behold! scones, victoria sponge cake, cucumber sandwiches that became salad & cream cheese sandwiches because we'd completely forgotten bout the cucumbers, hot tea and great company.

I'm so glad it turned out great. My flat is amazing! We worked so well in the kitchen and had such a good time tryin to figure out if "scones" were
pronounced "scOnes" or "scAWnes". apparently, the latter is the correct one and scones just a more posh way of saying it and also the american pronunciation.

anyway, i've always had my scones with cream cheese and jam and my flatmates introduced me to this amazing clotted cream. the true blue english way of eating is scones is to have it with ultra fattening CLOTTED CREAM and sugary JAM. honestly, the cream is so rich, yet light on the palette, milky buttery
flavour spreads out on ur tongue like a dream. i had 2 scones slathered in generous heaps of clotted cream and i haven't regretted it ever since. :D

I've never ever done a proper cake without using an electric mixer and since i've yet to get one here, i was really apprehensive bout making a cake without it. However, anna & hannah were superb! I've not seen someone whip the butter into the sugar by hand and then mix in flour and wadever else into the butter mixture with a wooden spoon in a saucepan for chrissakes all by hand! Amazing. i'm very inspired now to be less dependent on technology. besides, i think it'll definitely tone up my arms if i do that too. :)

Ever since I've been here, I've been cooking all my meals. Kinda like the new independence and it gives me a chance to be really creative with my meals. I've done some very funny fish dishes, salad pastas and guess wad? I'm still alive. I'm not very confident in cooking but so far, all's well and will continue to be well, if not great.

I've been looking at jamie oliver's new cookbook. and i'm so tempted to get it
. it's 7pounds off @ waterstones but i hardly think it's a need. i mean well yea, it does mean i can try that awesome lambshank recipe in it, but it's seriously a want. i would love to have it though. hint hint to some ppl who do read this blog. *wink* once again, i'm going off into my little dream of jamie oliver being the best cook in the world. of course, that statement is really up for much contention. but i suppose he's the most creative and talented guy i've seen who can create dishes that are delicious, unpretentious, relax and just so good to look at. he's just so good at throwing the right ingredients together.

soon enough this week, i'm gonna be really ambitious and do this pineapple chicken breast oven bake thing. probably on a friday when i don't have a really heavy day. can't wait! i'm gonna continue to feed myself well. it's the only way haha. and thus i'll become a ball by the time christmas comes, rolling down the hallway, ho ho ho.
ending off with a photo of my friends in bham. love. xxx.


Anonymous said...

Hi Divana,

I'm interested in ordering a birthday cake for my cousin on 14th Feb.
Could you provide me with further details (pricing, size of cake etc)?
He's not fussy with the kind of cake so if you have a speciality that
would be good.

P.S: I tried sending this to your hotmail account but it was closed.

diva said...

oh no, i havent checked this url or tht email account in ages and i'm sorry to say the ppl who run Divana are currently out of the country for studies. My apologies once again. You can contact me at divalim@gmail.com