Sunday, 14 August 2005

Starting the day right.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And i guess, in a way, a good breakfast makes the day less daunting. For Singaporeans like us, breakfast sounds like a sandwich, boring cereal, maybe porridge or a pau. Why not get interesting?


They come in all sorts of flavours. Onion type ones which you can eat with slices of crispy bacon in between. They're great for a savoury breakfast. Plus they're light and don't make you feel all full and sleepy thereafter. But my favourite -- Blueberry Bagels. Simple and tasty.

Great for a Sunday morning.

Try em with blueberry jam. O yes, and if you're diabetic or would prefer less sugar in your diet, you can try the new Smucker's series of jams that are completely sugar free! I was quite excited when I found it on the shelves. The jars are so pretty. I got the apricot jam. have yet to try it though, but it should be just as tasty. =) nothing beats jam on bagels and scones.


mel said...

Bagels. That is like, so American, Dude. Where'd you get from? Starbucks? Gosh sooo many. wish I had bagels at home. You make me crave all sorts of food Dav!

diva. said...

mel. ha. you can get em from starbucks, if not try this brand 'Lenders'. They sell it in Cold Storage but they're frozen. Ha. But still good stuff.