Saturday, 13 August 2005

Virgin voyage!

Temptation is a powerful thing.
And that is the reason for THIS.

Check this.

I simply couldn't resist it, especially after Mel gave birth to her own food blog and I was back on my baking crazes.
Been feeling really..down and out, i suppose? So baking is the only way to solve those lil blue moments. Trust me. for me it works that way.
nothing like a lil sugar to make the sun smile down on you.
Made Chocolate Cake today.
here's wad it looks like.

it's a really simple traditional cake.
i didn't have any more baking chocolate at home, though i have tonnes of m&ms and baking m&ms and choc chips it's flooding out the fridge, so i used the good ol' Hershey's unsweetened cocoa. but i still recommend using baking chocolate because it definitely tastes better!
i used canola oil in this recipe. try to use recipes that use butter instead though. the flavour is stronger. anyhow, this cake still turned up pretty great. it's a low-sugar recipe a sense. =D

after it's done, leave the cake to completely cool before frosting.
because i was rushing to bake something else, i left it to cool and didn't bother to make a chocolate glaze. I used Nutella. It still went really great with the cake. O yes, and i threw in a few choc chips and cinnamon sugar into the batter before baking just to add a little something for sweetness.

Ok. up next.
Apple Streusel Muffins
This recipe is pretty feel good. It's not too fattening and it's real easy to make!
I think muffins are like the prettiest things alive, especially when you can have fun using pretty cupcake papers. These are pictures of the process.

When it comes to sprinkling streusel on your muffins, remember to lightly tap em after sprinkling. otherwise, all the streusel will fall to the sides n it won't be pretty after you take em out from the oven.

The masterpiece!

This turned out great. Light tasting. Very yummy.
If you're a fan of cinnamon, always add lots of it so that the taste is strong enough. =D
Today is a happy day.

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