Wednesday, 30 November 2005

Just 2 days ago my younger sister held a party at our new place! So my mom got her this cake for her friends. I managed to get a slice because it was such a huge cake. I think it's homemade but I don't know where my mom got it from. The cake isn't too bad, though i felt the sponge bit could have been better. The chocolate fudge was very good though. Very chocolatey. Rich.
Guess that was the best part as i kept licking my fork.

10Dec is our next dinner. There'll be one more after that and a Christmas dinner thereafter. I can't wait! I'll now be able to use the oven. Happy!! Anyway, i've already decided to bake this Devil's Chocolate Cake from a Mrs Fields recipe. Quite excited about it. The headcount for the dinner is around 60 now. hopefully we can cut down. otherwise i'll go to Spinelli's and get an Apple Crumble Tart as well. Soon soon! I sure can't wait. Will be posting pictures too.

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