Tuesday, 6 December 2005

Baking Monday

Today was Baking Day with Sam! And mo. :) We started out with the Espresso Cupcakes. We used instant coffee granules instead because we couldn't find espresso but the recipe still turned out really great.

The cupcake was very light and fluffy which was great. The coffee taste came out really well although we didn't use espresso, but instead we increased it from a tablespoon of coffee to a heaped tablespoon to make up for the lack of intensity. But the icing was really the best part. It was just all chocolate and butter which made it really rich and complimented the airy lightness of the cake.

The recipe was a Nigella one. Here it is.



125g soft unsalted butter

125g dark muscovado sugar

2 large eggs, rtp

125g self-raising flour

1tbs cocoa powder

1tbs coffee granules

50g dark couveuture chocolate, melted over low fire

1,1/2tbs milk


300g dark couveuture chocolate

50g unsalted butter (we used salted butter and it turned out great)

2tsp coffee granules

1tsp kahlua (coffee liqour)

Put the softened butter and sugar together in a bowl and using an electric mixer, beat till grainy. Add the eggs and beat again. Add the flour, cocoa (sifted) and then the coffee granules and mix till batter is really smooth. Sexy! Next, add the melted chocolate and the milk. The batter will thin up abit upon adding the milk. Mix till smooth then fill up the muffin cups.

Preheat at 200dcelsius. Cook the cupcakes for 12-15min.

For the icing, place the chocolate, butter and coffee powder into a pan and heat till everything melts, all the while stirring so the mixture is smooth and glistening. Once the butter and chocolate are melted, add the kahlua and leave to cool.

Once cupcakes are all cool and ready, slap on the icing and start swirling!

Next up was Pumpkin and Pecan 'pie' muffins. These were a really healthy bunch of muffins.
Sam did all the pumpkin pureeing before we came over and it smelt so good. One day I'm really gonna try bbqing pumpkin. Pumpkin soup is heavenly so i bet bbqing shd be even better. We substituted the pecans for walnuts and toasted it before we poured it into the batter. And little bit of raisins as well to sweeten up the muffins. These were made with a mix of normal flour and wholemeal flour. According to Sam, not many ppl like wholemeal flour. Maybe it's an acquired taste? Mel and bea don't like it but i like wholemeal flour. I think it gives the cake a very dense and pow-wow feel.
Anyway, we didn't mix these alot. Simply folded everything in and mixed it by hand, as muffins are to be done.
Anyway these are probably really great muffins for tea time. We had em for lunch together with the espresso ones! There it is, today's baking. Satisfying really. Ah.

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