Thursday, 8 December 2005

Pipin' hot

It's an extremely hot afternoon, so hot I think the flowers outside my window are dying.
But still, a baker's gotta do what a baker's gotta do.
So today was the day I taught my sister how to make brownies. I think aside from cookies, they're just about the easiest things alive. Put the ingredients together, give it a good mixing by hand, sprinkle any extra toppings in and slide it into the oven. In it goes for 50 min in a 8x8"pan and voila! Simple classic fudge brownies, dense and heavily chocolatey.

So there, we made fudge brownies and for half the pan, we decorated it with mini baking M&M's. These are really pretty sweets that appeal to kids so I highly recommend them for cookies and brownies. They're cheap and really come in handy when you think what you're baking is looking a lil bleah. Just be careful with them because sometimes when the oven gets a little too hot, they start to crack.

I served em hot with cold caramel sauce for fun. Was too hot in the kitchen to bother prettying em much with ice cream and all. But these brownies turned out really great. So thick and dense we had to down em with a glass of cold milk with each mouthful! Anyhow, there's no other way to eat brownies. Brownies with ice cream are a no-fail dessert but ha, brownies for lunch? Do em with milk!

Another satisfying day in the kitchen.

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