Thursday, 29 December 2005

DIVANA Gingersnaps

Busy day today! Orders to fill today and to be up for collection tmr. Out of a whim, I decided to post up pics of DIVANA Gingersnaps. Currently, we have cupcakes and cookies on our menu but we do customise for special orders like slices, whole cakes and muffins. Somehow, I'm beginning to think the new year will start to bring in more orders and business will be good.
I just can't wait for the new year. To think 'next year' is 'next week', the thought is both daunting but utterly exciting. It's like a start of a new life, not to mention a start of a new baking frenzy. And of course, more birthdays to come and more birthday cakes to make. And! Chinese New Year is around the corner to, so that also leads to more baking of chinese goodies like almond cookies, pineapple tarts (though i think i'm too lazy to even try doing those...could possibly ask mo for a good recipe). And my new year resolution: move away a little from baking and try main course dishes. Just yesterday, I did a fettucine with sweet cherry tomatoes for the dinner at yif's. Seemed like it was pretty good though I was sooo very afraid it would get a bad response because it was very much like a pasta salad, served with red wine vinegar, lots of olive oil, dried marjoram and fresh basil. Luckily, tasted fine and vin said 'thank you'. :)

Well, so here's today. I won't be posting up the recipe since it's kind of like a secret recipe! Ha. If you do want to try these cookies or want to find out what are the cupcakes and cookies DIVANA makes, just drop me an email at and sam and I would be delighted to cater to whatever your needs or enquiry.

So here's a very Merry Christmas (i'm still in the mood) to everyone! Enjoy yourself up till the new year with good foodies and great company. I shall do so at the party tonight so here's outa from me. Baker's gonna get a life tonight!

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