Friday, 30 December 2005

DIVANA vanilla cupcakes

Once again, today was preparation for our virgin order! Our blessed first customer had ordered gingersnaps, absolutely chocolate cookies and vanilla cupcakes (topped with heavenly buttercream as you can see from the picture. this one has been coloured a light pink. i made both white and pink ones to alternate in the box!)
My feet were really aching when I was done and there was just so much cleaning up to do because I had used so many bowls and spoons and forks, it was kind of crazy. But I'm glad to be busy with business than with stupid things like math, or econs. Ha.

Anyway these cupcakes can be done in the ordinary swirly creamed kind or the cloud cream kind. I had lots of fun doing this, despite the heat of the afternoon. And thank God, the buttercream didn't melt. It stayed in place!These cupcakes are perfect for those who utterly enjoy the scent and taste of vanilla and the fact that it goes so well with the rich aroma of butter. It's a no-holds-barred kind of thing, so if you're dieting then too bad for you but my recommendation is to not miss it for the world, right Sam? :D

So...interested? Do drop us an email then for your order! for divine moments.

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