Saturday, 17 December 2005

Savoury Saturday

I spent 75% of today eating something sweet. That's just so typical of me. I had a chinese dessert of gingko nuts, beancurd strips and white fungus for breakfast. And this crazily oily fried red bean bread which we call ham jun pang. Then noon came and i had 2 slices of bread, half a slice of ham, soya bean milk and a giant orange. I was basically scrimping around the kitchen. Then dinner came! It was like the best part of the day because we had Mom's Special Chicken Stew for dinner. It was kind of like a quick whip-up so there was just french bread to accompany the stew and mom bought some hawker fare (those oily noodles i dare not eat) as well.
As you can see, when it comes to savoury food. I'm not as excited as when we're talking about sugary treats! But of course, food is still one of my loves and i can't help but shower attention on it.
This stew was pretty simple. Spiced up with mom's favourite chilli padi. There was celery, cherry tomatoes, radish and lotus root in it. The chicken was kind of like given a little fry in the pan with some of the oil from frying some bacon strips to get the flavour kickin'. Jamie Oliver loves to use bacon when it comes to his cooking. I sat there and started peeling away some of the fat bits of the bacon but my mom stopped me. It's best to use not so lean bacon as the oil from the fats is needed as a flavour enhancer and also for the basic properties of oil in any sort of cooking as this stew does not require any other addition of oil. So.. the flavours of the meats kind of like blend into each other. And then this basically gives the foundation flavour of the stew. The chicken also becomes much softer and tender that way.
A typically asian dish with my mom's own touch to it.

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