Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Vanny Birthday

We made a cake yesterday for van's birthday today. That's good news! But the bad news is...we created our own cake?! One thing was we were reallly broke and couldn't afford really lavish ingredients like berries n all. Second thing was we really didn't have enough ingredients at home or the time to run out to the store to get em (things like half-and-half,heavy cream,sour cream,the makes). Third thing, we were kind of sick of the usual all-choc cake (but arh shucks, we used choc in the end) So we were really forced into doing things our own way.
Sam & Dav's Crazy Cake aka Chocolate-covered Cookie Butter Cake
White velvet butter cake layers with a chocolate frosting & OREO cookie filling.
It sounds pretty good ya?
The butter cake was a pretty basic recipe and was egg yolk-less. Check out the amount of yolks we wasted. But weren't they cute in that lil cup.

The cake layer was supposed to be pretty light and fluffy, especially since we used skimmed milk but it came out pretty dense like a pound cake. Sam figures it might have turned out more like an angel cake should she have fluffed up the egg whites until they were those cloud like white peaks. Well, at least it turned out more pound cake then car tire-like. Besides, we used 2,1/4tsp vanilla extract so the cakes smelt really good.

Next, we used up our left over espresso frosting we kept in the fridge and used that to ice the top of the bottom cake layer. Then sprinkled broken OREO bits onto that. We used 9 oreo cookies in all and kept 5 of the cream fillings.

Then we used more of the frosting to cover the bottom of the next cake layer so that the layers would mesh together. Finally we just iced the whole darn thing with our cocoa frosting. It isn't one of our prettier cakes I have to admit. Guess it really is just one crazy cake. :D

O in an effort to be artistic, we even made chocolate leaves to decorate the top. Ha. Doesn't matter. Van rated the cake fabulous. So one point for Sam's euphoria and my craziness. Don't think anyone would ever want this recipe. Cheers.

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