Monday, 6 February 2006

Fatfree Monday

Honestly, there's never ever going to be something that's fat free and besides, fat is good for you, just in moderate amounts. There's been that long going debate about using margarine or butter. Some say butter is better cos there's the absence of trans fat which is more dangerous than any of the unsaturated or saturated fats because it's almost impossible to burn it off (i think). Some say margarine is better because it's low in fat, cholesterol and tastes so much healthier. But all that bullcrap aside, I'm still a stickler to butter because of that flavour it gives off. Baking isn't just about creation or flavour inducing efforts. To me, it's an artform that requires a lot of love & passion. And when you create something from that oven of yours, it's about the feeling, about your mentality as well. In a way, (which sounds very much like something only a person from an asylum would say), butter enhances that feel-good effect of baking, of satisfaction, of homemade goodness, of a general sense of completeness that makes you go 'o i'm so bloody fortunate'.

Margarine just makes things seem so history-less, so manmade and perfectly concocted which isn't what we want. In a world of imperfections, striving for perfection is great but appreciating the rough nicks that comes with imperfections is greater.

Some can't imagine wanting to tread the path of a chef, pastry chef, chocolatier,etc. I guess in a sense, that's my mom's take on things. But you know what, love makes the world go round. It doesn't have to be love between people. Love exists between things, objects, humans. After I read Love in the Time of Cholera, it really made sense that love manifests itself in so many forms and it is that which makes you see things, feel things, wonder about things and that suffuses your life with so much energy and life that it makes you real, beyond real, larger than life! And maybe, people should start tryin to reach that heightened sense of living rather than choose the path of Practicality and Pragmatism and no matter what gets in the way, all could be better that way huh?

All the talk & philosophising aside, I made cookies today. Ha. Once again, it wasn't the perfect chocolate chip recipe. I guess it's gonna take a damn long time before I'd find it some day. But i gotta admit, the dough for this cookie really looked so darn cute I felt like throwing it around in the kitchen. And I think from now on, I might stick to using Toll House SemiSweet Chocolate Morsels. It could juts be me and my wacky taste buds, but these really taste a lot better than Hershey's Chocolate Chips. They taste richer and darker (which is definitely what I like in chocolate) whereas Hershey's one seems to be a little watery in that when i bite into it, the taste just falls apart on my tongue and I taste more milk than cocoa.

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