Friday, 10 February 2006

Chocolate Chip Cookies III

I tried a different recipe this time. It was one that I used a lot when i started out baking. I guess i still like this one best although the cookies aren't exactly the prettiest i've made because they still taste the yummiest. They're not too sweet (i think i should add more salt next time) and what was good bout these cookies this time round was that i used dark chocolate chips instead of semisweet ones. The taste was vastly different, although some might not think so.

I went to Sun Lik on 6th Feb and I found some Valrhona Choc Chips and Choc Buttons. I haven't really tried dark chocolate chips before so today was quite an eye opener for my taste buds. It was really nice and think the next time i do cookies, i'm gonna go to Sun Lik first to get those choc chips. O yes, and there were so many pretty things over there I even bought those metallic sugar balls (they came in blue, golden, silver and pink). My sister's gonna make brownie on Sunday for a special someone and i'm gonna be there to supervise. Maybe i shall be nice n let her use some of those pretty balls! Ha. We'll see.


johan said...

hey davina. where's Sun Lik? it's a bakery shop? i always go to the one at jurong east. phoon seng or something like that.
by the way how do u get the cookies like how u made it? mine always turn out to be out of shape and really dry. they dun really spread well... sigh

diva. said...

hey! phoon huat rite? when i still lived in bt batok months back i used to go there too. Sun Lik is at 33 seah street. it sells baking stuff, esp white pleated muffin cups & Valrhona dark choc. :)