Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Rosy Valentine's

Vday today meant lots of pretty cakes being sold, some in heart shapes and some with a rose stuck on it. I had a lot of fun cutting roses and decorating the cakes. This Mr Boh also came by and brought his own freshly imported japanese edible mini roses to decorate a cake he was buying specially for his wife n her colleagues. I thought it was so adorably sweet of him, especially when he looked so bumbly funnily beary. And standing around running the shop today, technically i didn't get to stand around cos it was soo busy from 8-2sth that i managed to start getting a bite at around 3pm, was really nice cos i saw lots of ppl holding hands and girls dressing all pretty n spiffy for their special boys. Ha.

Mr Boh also took his time at the shop decorating his cake and i popped over his shoulder a couple of times every now n then to check out his cake. I took a photo of his final masterpiece, but it's captured in my hdphone n i have no idea how to put it up on my com. But great news~ Mr Boh was kind enough to sell me a pack of his japanese roses. He had just come back from Japan, and he'd been to just bout the places I'd visited before. Made me feel like going on a holiday immediately. Anyway, i'll post pics up of the roses soon enough cos silly me left the roses at workplace. I can't wait for the weekend or at least some free time so i can maybe bake some cupcakes and use these roses!
Soon soon.

The season of love shall spread throughtout the month.

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