Wednesday, 15 February 2006


I have a whole ziploc bag full of red rose buds, am getting very inspired to do something with them. I have yet to chance upon any rose cake but i've come to the realisation that cakes are beautiful and even more beautiful when simply decorated with flowers. I think cakes done up with lots of double cream and cute little sugar figurines are very appealing but u noe wad, shouldn't the cake be admired for what it is?
Anyhow, the edible roses from japan are Bell Roses. Or at least, that's the brand of the roses i guess. They're terribly small and fragile and they feel so cotton wooly soft. And what's more, they are in a shade of a very vibrant reddish pink, as you can see in comparison to the blood red rose buds. I'm so glad i bought em from Mr BOH! :D In addition to this bag of dried roses i have, i'm now very very determined to do up something with roses.

Lastly, before i get on with some sleep before work tmr, here are some pictures of DIVANA's Valentine's 2006 Chocolate Box.

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