Saturday, 18 February 2006

Cupcake Bakeshop

I love this lady Chockylit. She has a food blog that posts up cupcakes after cupcakes and she's just amazing. I don't think i can ever whip up something as pretty as the babies she comes up with. But i try. :)
Sam & I had a special order to do today. 21st Birthday Cupcake Special. Our next project after the Valentine's Chocolate Box. Just recently, I ran into dear Grace again and we started talking bout our dear pet projects. And we ended up talking bout a friend of hers who recently married an American and don't we all know how Americans are just head over heels in love with cupcakes?! So instead of having the usual tiered wedding cakes, they had a 'cupcake wedding cake' all stacked up like those in Martha Stewart's magazines. And what made them so good, other than the fact that they were all prettied up, was that they were in little cups so the cake didn't even need to be cut into servings for the guests. People could just walk over and help themselves to it. Brilliant!
One day, i would go on a hunt for the prettiest tiered thingy and do up my own cupcake tiered cake.
Was talkin to my boss's husband yesterday too. And he said something I really can't get out of my head. 'You want to sell something that people can't replicate at home. That's what will make your product special. And that's what will make you survive on the market cos your customers will keep coming back to you.'
It's simple mentality, i know. But it's very smart and something difficult to see, for me that is. And when he said that, I started to realise how true it was. Why does Mrs. Fields' cookies do so well? Because even if you have the recipe, you can't make it the same way she does. You can't get your own chocolate chip cookies to taste like Famous Amos's! And that's the secret behind product marketability and franchise!
And thus, Sam & I's quest not just to continue perfecting our recipes but to make them unique and something so special that people will sit back and go, "Wow. What on earth?" We've already 2 new special ingredients we're eyeing now, so give it time for experiments & see how it goes. Watch this space. DIVANA.
It's come to my attention that Prestat chocolates are just amazing. But sad to say i've neither tasted them or Godiva's and that's why I can't wait to go taste both!!! It's down on my to-do-list and I have this urge to flick it up a few notches so that i can do it as fast as possible. But that will still have to be after my visit to Marmalade Pantry at Delphi Orchard. I hear the food's just great & the cupcakes are so pretty but I really wanna go check it out for myself. I don't mind the price cause i've made the decision to start scouting out places of great foodies and get my near tasteblind (i hope not) tongue to exercies a little.

And then thereafter will be the quick visit to Fullerton for the Chocolate Buffet!!! Man..i'm gonna get fat. Wait a sec, i think i already am. Too bad huh.
There goes the figure.
And then, i still wanna go get the ramekins and start trying out warm chocolate cake, cheese souffle, etc. MY GOD. I need more time.


sam said...

21 hi fives babe! haha.. just KNEW the new pics wld be up once i got home :) and! uve reminded me too that i have yet to go for the choc buffet too!! quick! we still have BigOs la! march is coming and it expires in april honey!! haha..

diva. said...

ha ok, wait till my next paycheck in beginnin of march. and hopefully, it clashes with fabulous a results so everything can be all feel-good and flashy splashy!

johan said...

hey gurl. 1 question. where do u work? i wanna look for a bakery or something where i can apprentice in. heh. of course that's after army. =p

diva. said...

i don't know where u can apprentice in. u can go scout around maybe. i'm working at awfullychocolate but our central bakery is in msia. :)