Sunday, 19 February 2006

Food for the hungry soul

I'm an English Lit lover. Words are my element in a sense. Language is my river of life. And books are just the means of travelling. :)
So when I saw the 30% off voucher for BORDERS books, i just had to go down today. I picked up this book by Stephen Downes today. I think he's quite a good writer. Pretty humorous and very detailed in his writing. I've yet to finish reading, but I flipped through it today and was thoroughly blown away. The simple and honestly appreciative descriptions of veal blanquette and his meticulous focus on "properly cooked chips" is also highly entertaining and in a way, educational. For those who don't know this, Stephen Downes is a pretty well-known Australian food critic and he really does know his food. Throughout this book, one will really notice how much respect he has for food, even if it's something as simple as mayonnaise or jam and i can't help but admire such a fellow food lover. And to go a step further, I must say the Australians are experts on food and it really makes me very nostalgic of those times in Sydney where my family and I had got the chance to peruse the restaurants by the coast, tried the oyster bars in those rural areas. It is my belief that every Australian is a food connoisseur in their own right. And speaking of Australia, they have the BEST CHURROS & the best FAT FRIES EVER!
Since i'm still on the subject of food (as always) & on my other love of my life - books, I shall go on to talk bout another book which I'd read a long time ago and thoroughly enjoyed. The Food of Love by Anthony Capella. Some will know this book as the "fantastic book" highly recommended by Jamie Oliver. It's very sweet and pretty romantic as one witnesses Bruno's quest to claim his true love with his cooking. And I couldn't agree more that food is so sensual and sexy. It seduces, it charms and it makes you fall in love. How nice is that?
Another book I have sitting on my shelf and that's dying for my attention is al dente by William Black. If you like Italian food, you really have to read it because it tracks Black's quest for the most wonderful and authentic food in Italy. Now that i've got all this down, I'm all too eager to finish up Lord of the Flies, get done with all that rowdy no-good boys and their disturbing island, then rush off to with my beloved gastronomes for a wild trip through the world of food!

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