Saturday, 24 June 2006

Mr.Morning Call Breakfast Scones

I'm in love with scones once again and was very much in love not too long ago (i apologise for that long hiatus) with my entry of plain scones. I got a little obsessed with it yesterday when I tried a raspberry scone from cedele at Republic Plaza. Some will know how I love cedele's Lavender Cookies!! but yesterday I was very happy with my scone. It had a raspberry swirl in it that made it so cute, lots of almond flakes and icing sugar dusting! what not to make me happy and help me last through peak hour. made me forget my knees were aching like a rheumatic old gramma. :D

After MOE signing today, got back and felt a cloud of boredom descend right above me. Not to mention that persistent cloud of sleepiness too. Had to pull away from the image of a slob and a lazy bum so thought to experiment & whip something up in the kitchen. Sometimes, I really ain't a morning person. Takes me a while to become less of a bear and for my voice to change to my usual high pitchness (mind my broken English..i'm terribly lazy to bother). And I know how picturesque it is to wake to the scent of brewing coffee and baking muffins. This time round, I wanna wake up to the scents of my favourite food. Oh LORDY! Indulgence is a crime! Here, I used the same old recipe from my long-ago post but jazzed it up with sweetened dried cherries (my favourite berry), peanut butter chips (my favourite companion for white bread but which I always avoid because of its fat content..until now) & maple syrup. I'm not sure if anyone else is as big a fan as I am of maple syrup but its got such a nice smell. reminds me of sunday mornings, crazy stacks of pancakes. omelettes cooked in lots of sizzling butter and fat greasy sausages. that's the life. i love pancakes. when my mom makes em, I drown them in maple syrup and it makes me feel so pampered. it's one word - happiness.

Of course, for scones, you can either jazz it up with all your extra ingredients by spreading them out prettily on the top or mix it into the batter before bringin the dough together. either way should suit you just fine because remember, scones are a feel-good treat and you shouldn't pressure yourself for presentation excellence in my humble opinion. it's a morning treat. take a break. relax. put your feet up. no worries. and start the day right! stress-free that is! we are all too in a hurry to achieve excellence, to score that goal that sometimes we don't realise how much that sort of a work mentality is seeping into the part of our lives which should only have space for relaxation. was reading an article yesterday specifically on this. made me realise how sometimes i should just sit back and really slow down.

Back to these scones. If you're wondering when the maple syrup comes in, let me admit that I didn't mix it into the dough. Would have made it too sticky and messy. Don't think it would have turned out right either. What I did was to gloss it over the tops of the scones. Usually, I suppose one would use a brush. Don't think I was tryin to be quirky. I just thought a chopstick did a much better job cause it didn't end up brushing away the flour or changin the scone's shape too much. It was a dip-and-glide action. Pretty simple. Be careful not to be overly generous with the syrup. Remember its like sugar and will turn to carbon when burnt. Though it'll give you a lovely smell whilst cooking, it'll only serve to produce black scones and now won't that be the day no one turns up for your tea party or for breakfast?
You should be able to judge how much your scones will need and always watch em while they're baking in the oven or if you know your oven pretty well, make sure the temperature is right and baking time is suitable. :)

I had lots of fun experimenting how the taste would be like for this scone. Wasn't too sure at first because cherries with peanut butter wasn't exactly a mouthwatering thought. I love peanut butter. And I adore cherries. separately. I suppose the taste was interesting enough. something i might try again but would definitely always pair up with chocolate the next time round! if you've got any ideas what else, other than chocolate, that would go really well with peanut butter, drop me a comment! hope you enjoyed reading this!


samantha said...

peanut butter and jam babe! always tastes good somehow.. :p anyway, hi5 cos those two items u tried from cedele are my EXACT favs too after having worked there previously. YUMS to lavender. wish i cld transport the lavender ice cream from france back for u. its GORGEOUS... lavender! lets hunt for it in singapore k? must get it! :)

diva. said...

lavender ice cream???? wow!

pzinker said...

I thot the cherries were prunes! :P oops, but yeah, peanut butter chip scones with jam filling in the center...*drool*

johan said...

hey girl! u're back! haha. nice creation there