Thursday, 23 August 2007

one thursday morning - armwrestling with chocolate

I would think that this recipe could've turned out so much better. the batter turned out too thick i think because i'd lacked the right amount of butter. i could definitely have up-ed the amount of sugar as well to get the muffins a lot more moist.
this was really a DARK CHOCOLATE-Y muffin batch. lacked a breadth of flavour though.

getting up early with dark rings under my eyes, body extremely knackered from lack of food for bout 3 days, i couldn't have been more depressed with the outcome of this recipe.
am determined to keep my work up to standard so i'm hoping the next thing i do will be miles better than this!

whatever it was, and despite my disappointment thereafter, it smelt gorgeous and has seemed to have fulfilled its purpose...has already melted his heart i believe.


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