Monday, 27 August 2007

Korean 'Bi Bim Bab'

Tonight, the plan was to head to Margarita's for mexican. but that was cancelled due to the lack of table - this was abt 8pm and we were hungry and grumpy so there really wasn't a chance we were going to stand around to wait. Next option - Korean. I adore all cuisines, especially Japanese & Italian & Korean. so you can tell i was excited abt this.

The side dishes that you start off with are almost the most exciting part in my opinion. I polish off almost everything so quickly. And i love how it's similar to chinese cuisine where diff sauces for diff items are all put quaintly in little tiny sauce dishes.

Although these side dishes weren't exactly very korean (one or two had a little singaporean twist...made it look slightly odd), it definitely teased my tastebuds for the final bi bim bab (this would be the stone bowl rice).

When you get it, this is what is looks like.And then you've gotta mix it all up before you eat it. The great thing abt the stone bowl is that is keeps you rice hot for ages!Even though this wasn't the best korean we've had, tasted very good to me because of the good service,and the fact that i'm having dinner with the family. I'm gonna leave for another 3-4months soon, i'm gonna miss sitting around as a chinese family. there's just sth about being chinese :)

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Anonymous said...

i just had bi bim bap today TOOO with my korean friend!!! haha.. hi5 from down under dearie (: