Saturday, 1 September 2007

My Recovery Dinner

Haven't been eating well recently and have been plaguing my liver with loads of alcohol so today called for a big wholesome dinner. Prepared by yours truly.
Got up early to get ingredients and to write out my oven timetable since i had a total of 3 items that needed to be in the oven around the same time for different temperatures and I wanted everything on the plate to be hot when served. Honestly, TIMING is the key to success for english meals :D

Roasted Chicken in milk. Pakchoy with chilli padi. Browned Japanese seasoned Courgettes. Yorkshire Pudding. Everything was pretty simple and easy to put together. I was well impressed with my chicken. The gravy was superb -- milk, lemon zest, a cinnamon stick, cherry tomatoes that had gone soft from roasting, fresh sage leaves. And the chicken completely absorbed the flavour of these ingredients. I was very very impressed with this recipe from Jamie Oliver. He is a god. LOL. so fragrant and so good. I'll definitely make the chicken again.
The yorkshire pudding was something I learnt from my mate Anna Marley so thanks goes to her :)

And here's my lazy blueberry pie. I hardly did anything for this except make the pastry. Also lousily latticed it as you can see from that horrible unwoven strip of pastry. Was concentrating on weaving it well to the point that I failed to see that thick strip making its way across the pie unwoven!!!! Dammit was I so miffed when i finished it.
Anyhow, this was ultimately a success. Till tmr, it's going to be lemon cake and lots and lots of muffins!

-dave out!

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