Monday, 3 September 2007


This would have been a week delayed dinner for Clarissa's acceptance of SCGS's DSA Offer. To celebrate, we reserved a table at Margarita's for Mexican (and also you couldn't deny that quiet eagerness between the -rents about the margaritas). I am a big fan of tortillas and guacemole. There's just something about Mexican food that is so comforting. Mexican food = comfort food for me. I label different cuisines according to mood. Chinese is celebratory for big festivals. Japanese is posh nosh. Korean is when I'm feeling refreshed. English is when I'm in the mood for cosy family events, and I'm all set to be the new Nigella Lawson. Aussie when I'm very chirpy. Italian when I'm up for the romantic, the indulgent (really, when I just want to splurge). French when I'm ready to be swept off my feet. Indian when all I wanna do is eat and talk, nothing else please. Now then, as you know me, desserts come under a whole new category which would be a story for another day.

The menu was pretty simple, offering the traditional, the favourite mexican tortillas, very interesting (and I was completely new to this) appetizers. The soup was amazing. Some sort of tomato-ey conconction with nacho strips and cheese in it, lots of parsley as well.

We weren't really in the mood for eating ourselves silly so appetizers were kept to a minimum.
Ordered 3 different kinds of tortillas (the kitchen sink burrito which I ordered was honestly, the best. the sour cream & gaucemole combi on top of the tortilla was just heavenly. can you actually live on guacemole alone? i would!)

A pitcher of Margarita's famous frozen Lime Margaritas was also ordered and shared amongst the adults. Clarissa got a Virgin Colada which was trés delicious. Loved the coconut creaminess. How indulgent were we?
I figured this week was cutting-my-liver-some-slack week, apparently not. But who says a little alcohol with each meal isn't good for you? I totally second that school of thought.
Anyhow, mum got pretty much KO-ed after one glass --- unfortunately she is now the Lim family's joke of the century. What a good night!

The lime margarita has a very controversial history. No one really knows for sure who invented it and you can search online to view the interesting stories. For me, I'm just the everyman wanting to drink it. But i've never been much of a fan of margaritas. I love the citrus aspect of it. It makes it one great summer drink -- very refreshing indeed. You can either use a good blanco tequila or stick to the reposado (which I have at home). Lower grade gold tequila is great if you're gonna be making margaritas for parties. No one really cares, and it's cheaper -- unless of course you're gonna be doing the fancy posh nosh party.
For me, the salt really doesn't do it. One, it masks the taste of your tequila. Could be a good or bad thing either way. But I really hate the salt?!

And because of that, I have the very bad habit of using the lime to wipe it away, forming a nice lip-sized portion for me to drink frm. Some bartenders are especially nice and will offer you a thin straw with your margarita so you can still savour the taste of their tequila.
There are some people who believe margaritas are one of the better ways to enjoy tequila. I think i could side with that. But tequila slammas are such a good and fun way to (get drunk, yes) enjoy it too in my opinion. You get the full, straight-on impact of it. What could be more enjoyable than tht? Ignore the Hollywood shine of tequila slammas...that's what drinking is all about!

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