Monday, 3 September 2007

Eating myself silly

The day starts with baking - Lemon Blueberry Cake
And breakfast was a yummy bowl of prawn mee & a treat from the pops - hainanese curry puff.

The loaf cake was up to standards. Nothing beats a good lemon cake that's just bout moist enough. The blue
berries chase away any bitterness from my overdosing of lemon zest and in my eyes, make it O! so pretty when i slice it up.
Having it hot straight from the oven beats it for me. The lemon glaze over the crust was perfect, with some of the sugar crystals solidifying again to give it a diamond-like gleam.

Mom was impressed.

In the afternoon, we headed off to Marriot Hotel for high tea. Gosh. Am i stuffed!
Think it was about round 4 or 5 that I decided I honestly had to move on to the d
essert table before I pass out and hence, be forced to forego the really good stuff.
Now I was very nice about my dessert plate and didn't fill it too much. I just wasn't confident of my stuffin' abilities anymore. It was getting to the point where the food was up to my neck going down m
y neck, so imagine -- where would it go when you have gastronomical scarcity problem? YOU WILL BE SICK!
To avoid such an unladylike and unsightly mess, the plate was only 80% filled -- check out the negative (white) spaces above. In clockwise order: chocolate mousse, strawberry tart, watermelon (trying to seem a little health-conscious), banana crumble (oooh this was sexy) and the ultimate coffee cake (fuckin' good)
i was very impressed with the coffee cake. it was unbelievable. it was rich and espresso-ey. the cream wasn't too overpowering and did a good job of toning down the hit of the coffee. the cake was moist enough but held up well and was so light and fluffy. i was terribly tempt
ed to grab some more. but the only problem was that my tummy was beginning to show and not out of pregnancy from my ricesack of a top. Despite being prepared, I just am not made for buffets!!! One day, I want someone to erase any idea of 'buffet' from the face of this earth! It's just not right. It's too much of a temptation and epicurean for a person like me. LOL.

Well, today was a feasting day for me. I shall not regret it! Maybe tmr though. when I get up in the morning: instead of feeling refreshed and beautiful, I'll feel bloated and spotty.

Someone love me despite this?


Anonymous said...

hi love, recipe for the lemon loafie please? ive got tonnes of lemons hanging arnd in the fridge now so itl be a great recipe to have (:

diva said...

sent! check ur email :)

tona-mama said...


jus happened to chance upon your blog, jus wanted to let you know wat fab bakes you have!!

This cake looks sooo delicious!!

Btw, can i oso jus ask you how make tt widget for Favourite Reads with all the pix? I would oso like to add something like tis in my son's blog.

have a nice day! Thanks v much

kind rgds,

diva said...

hey there..i just played around with the html settings. if u scan through it quite carefully, you'll see a section for adding stuff in on the columns of your blog and then u can add links in. i hope tht helps, i'm not tht much of a help when it comes to machines and computers,etc. :)

and cheers. i'm glad you liked reading this blog! i'll be posting new stuff up real soon, so do check back! xxx