Friday, 23 November 2007

The Backdated Pictures & Apology

Hi everyone. Here we are with another post, where I will apologise for the recent shabby photos put up on my site. Haven't really bothered using good camera settings or lighting either. Been rather bogged down with work as well (of course that really shouldn't be a deterrence for me when it comes to food but...), hence the pathetic pics of late. :(

Pics here are of anna's dinner out at Pizza Express. Gorgeous bday girl and our complimentary chocolate cake to share between us 4 chubsters. Weeks passed and then we hit our very own Cupcake Day!

The thing with my house is that whenever we see fit that we need a particular kind of sweet-fix, we call it a day. It's something similar to our English Pancake Day which is near Ash Wednesday i believe. Just that this comes v often when we're having our food cravings close to the time of the month or simply when we're hungover.
Every Sunday too is officially our 'Sunday Roast' (really doesn't need to be roast really) with the boys from 100. So we take turns. This Sunday it's me doing bangers and mash with my fav onion gravy from scratch, ribs cooked in marmalade and some sort of pudding which would be their contribution ( have a feeling it's apple and blackberry crumble. i hope! yummmm ). Gotta make a trip to the butcher's tmr yes i do.
Back from my little diversion; we had Cupcake Day, a week after Muffin Day. and this was on my Sunday after Street Jazz class when I was absolutely knackered and dehydrated, to the point i had a migraine and couldn't taste my sunday roast at the boys. Pity.
Went home, missed the trip to the cinema. and was rendered the state of a whimpering baby in bed. nice.
ANYHOW : my favourite no-brainer vanilla cupcakes. hit of the week.
Am planning to make chocolate cupcakes with a marshmallow filling. Think one of my girl pals made it once for us in junior college. tophat cupcake thingy. so hope we'll see that some time soon here.
Also, I'll be doing a little of a PUBCRAWL - this time one that doesn't require me to drink. i'll do a breakdown of PUB GRUB. focussing on some local pubs, the famous scream pubs (which i'm a member of tt yellowcard of mine) and some other fav student hangouts of course the posh pubs too by brindley.
lastly, watch this space if you're a fan of cheese (brie, camembert, red leceister, stilton, wensleydale, etc.) cause that's what'll be coming up! mmmmm. wat's better than cheese? MORE CHEESE!

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