Saturday, 29 December 2007

Italy - land of gelati

Long awaited post once again. And of course, now I'm in the land of our winter rain; travels to Milan have long ended. However, I've been loyal to my code to food and hence, a little entry on what i liked best about Italian food.
I'm a sucker for italian tomatoes-so odd-shaped,so ripe,sweet and juicy. plump like a voluptuous woman and just having such an overwhelmingly sexy aura. this is lasagne,pasta,pizza is the easy and readily available italian fare.
In that I have no arguments how amazingly good it is, especially with good breadsticks or just good hot italian bread with stilton cheese or just a slab of irish butter melting onto the hot bread. mmmm.

On a cold day though, what scintillates my tastebuds most is the hot smokey smell of calderoste (roasted chestnuts) from a little bicycle stall selling drinks, crisps and little bites. The wrinkley, cigarette-smelling but jovial man who mans the cart is always great fun to talk to -- he thought I was japanese, spoke french to him tht was a moment. Calderoste sellers are usually quite generous. A small €3.00 packet will be more than enough to fill u up, but if u're greedy enough a €4 or €5 packet is always up for grabs. Chestnuts are so christmasty as well. And it never fails to remind me of my childhood...buying 'gao lak' from the loud chinese man with the charcoal-black fingers. Ahhhh! Those were the days! Loved it.

On the opposite end of this hot, butter/nutty snack, gelati is another italian goddess.
Reminding me of my little dalliance in Amareno in Paris, it however is just the best ice cream i've ever tasted. so flavourful it's really difficult to describe how light and yet intense the flavours are. it's like the flavour of the ice cream just keeps staying in your mouth!! love ice cream. mmmm..favourite flavour is still undoubtedly PISTACHIO.
maybe one day i'll know how to make gelati woop woop. it'll be ice cream every day!!!

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