Sunday, 30 December 2007

Pub+ Bloodtype

After din din, I sit about for a bit feeling slightly loss. I'm missing the 'shall we head to the pub for a coupla drinks?' option which I do not have right now being in my tropical experiencing-rain country situated in the heart of my little TaiKeng village with no ability to drive myself out of the winding out-roads to civilisation. Too used to having The Country Girl, Gunnies, Bristol Pear, The Soak and T.C.'s all in walking distance, I find not having a pub within easy distance quite a tough one to chew. It's great to be at home whipping up homecooked food or having mum's yummy chinese cuisine when I'm too lazy to offer to do din; but I find pub food very different and the whole atmosphere of being in a pub so utterly relaxing. I even think being in one nursing a cider or lager helps me to unwind and think. It just sorts you out to the bone.

Pub grub reminds me of home-cooking when mum does something very nice for a special occasion and gets all excited about cooking and yet it's nearly stress-free because it's done for family. No one needs to be overly critical and can enjoy the food for what it is just as it is. Humble food without needing to be pretentious. And I really like it that way. Plus, how can I deny myself of good ol' English dishes?? Bring on the Toad in a Hole (seriously, it's my favourite...i could just live on it for the rest of my life), Mitchells & Butlers scream pub's The Scream Burger, The Soak's Sunday Roast, or a well-seasoned lamb shank with the smoothest and creamiest mash. MMMMM.
Now you wonder why I don't ever not look pregnant to you. :(

Of the pubs mentioned above, (you must note i haven't travelled all over the country like Gary Rhodes looking for local food heroes or pubs for that matter so my version here will be a very humble one within limits of my own knowledge) the Scream pubs are good for alright fare and serve up hot food for days when you're slightly skint and just really need a good sorting out for a hangover. For worse hangovers, stick to lying in bed for a bit, water, cup of hot black tea and an aspirin. Then when you're actually more able to walk, attempt to make yourself a good greasy fry-up.
The Gun Barrels, aka Gunnies, on Bristol Road, Birmingham provides university students with value for money meals that are tasty, well-cooked and soooo yummy! Try the falafel burger, the Scream burger and the halloumi and mushroom baguette. Be indulgent and go for curly fries rather than regular chips and you'll be rubbing your belly in satisfaction when you're done.

**The Falkland Arms, (ref post picture above) known for referring to itself as a 'real pub' with real food is in Great Tew, Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire and is one of the best pubs in that area. Beautifully and quaintly decorated, it is the only pub with a thatched roof. It's also always pimped out for Christmas which is great fun. Service may be on the slow side but the waitresses are always very friendly and attentive. Toad in the Hole is amazing but also try the stuffed peppers. They're heavenly - sweet, juicy but yet has the best roasted taste on its outer skins. If you're a real woman, I mean man, ;) definitely go for the lamb shank or the chicken breast with bacon,mushroom and blue cheese then finish off with a good dessert like sticky toffee pudding or the rare Eton Mess. You may not be a public school kid but that doesn't deny you the rewards of a good Eton Mess!

I can feel somewhere in the gastronomical arenas of my body calling out to me. Suppose I'll be heading to my local pub very soon! and my self-opened The Squirrel (this is part of a future plan so do not try looking for this pub just yet; give me say bout 10 years maybe?) in my dreams.

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